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Iron Balusters

Woodstairs.com offers a wide range of solid and hollow wrought iron baluster styles and designs in several standard Powder Coat Colors.  Click the "Metal Wheel" here  or under any of our wrought iron products to see these finishes.. Solid versions include more varieties and are slightly stronger while the Hollow versions are less expensive and easier to cut to length onsite.  Also check our our complete line of wrought iron baluter accessories, baluster shoes, adhesives and iron baluster installation tools and hardware.  Use our exclusive StairBuilder to design your balustrade before you buy.  Read more below.

Iron balusters are among the most versatile components of stair and balustrade design.  Not only are wrought iron balusters available in a wide variety of individual models but these can be combined in extensive patterns to create totally unique designs.  Our wrought iron balusters come with a doweled top and a variety of available accessories for easy installation into wood handrails.  They are also available in a variety of finishes.

While some variations of iron balusters may be more expensive than their wood counterparts, remember that they come pre powder coated and therefore do not require onsite finishing.  The substantial savings involved with the elimination of this step often makes up for the difference in initial cost.

Consider mixing and matching different balusters to enhance your banister without breaking your budget.  For example consider a simple alternating pattern of  Single Twist and Double Twist Iron balusters.   Then to add some ornamentation add a Single Basket or a Butterfly in place of a Single Twist every few feet or just one or two per section.  The selection of simple balusters as the base pattern creates a less busy system that accentuates the flourish of detail the few specially place decorative spindles.

Finally, there are no rules against mixing wood and iron balusters.  There are countless designs that successfully use Traditional Wood or Mission Wood balusters in patterns that include wrought iron baluters.  This further expands the design possibilities and is very useful when budget is a determining design factor.

As always, if you have any questions about these or any of our products don't hesitate to contact us at 888.390.7245 or CustomersFirst@WoodStairs.com.