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Floor Level Baluster Calculator

This calculator will help you determine the number of balusters you will need for your floor level banister.  Simply fill in the boxes with the appropriate information and click CALCULATE for the result.  You can use this calculator for multiple sections.  After you have clicked CALCULATE for one sections, select clear all, enter the information for the next balustrade and again click CALCULATE.  You will now see the results for each section, you can continue to do this as many times as you need.  For an description of each step hover over the ! or scroll below for images.

Measurement Conversion Chart

Inches Convertion

Below you will find explanation pictures which will help you in this calculator

Balustrade Length

Measuring the length of your balustrade involves three possible scenarios.
1. If your balustrade section is Post to Post measure the total distance including the posts (Outside to Outside) like the following example.
2. If your balustrade section is Post to Wall, measure the total distance from the wall to the outside of the post like the following example.
3. If your balustrade is between walls, simply measure the total distance between the walls.
4. If you do not wish to include the posts in this measurement simply enter the distance between posts and enter 0 in the Number of Posts and Post Width below.

*** Measurements should be entered as Feet and Inches, converted to decimal. For example 12 3 3/8 would be written in the two provided boxes as 12 and 3.1875

Baluster Width

In order to insure that you do not exceed your maximum spacing you must enter the minimum width of the balusters you intend to use on your balustrade in this box. Here are three examples to help you determine your minimum Baluster Width (X) below.
1. This 1 3/4 Pin Top Wood Baluster is 1 3/4 when measured at the base. The minimum width (X) is 3/4 at the pin top. So .75 should be entered in the Baluster Width Box.
2. This Wrought Iron Scroll Baluster is 5 1/2 at its widest but only 1 above and below the scroll. Since this is the minimum width, .5 should be entered in the Baluster Width Box.
3. This Wrought Iron Designer Series 3-Leg Panel is 6 wide for its full height, therefore, 6 is the width that should be entered in the Baluster Width Box.

Number of Posts

Enter the total number of posts in this section of balustrade including any posts at either end of the section and intermediate posts. If you have chosen to exclude the posts from your measurement (measuring between them) in the Balustrade Length box above, simply enter 0 here and in the Post Width box.

Post Width

Like balusters the minimum width (X) of the post must be entered in this box to insure your spacing does not exceed the maximum. For example a 3 1/2 Turned Post has a 3 1/2 block but the minimum dimension is less than this. You can see two examples of this below and you can refer to our product information for the minimum widths. Remember if your measurement is between posts then enter 0 in this Post Width Box.

Baluster Spacing

Enter your desired baluster spacing in this box. This is the distance between your balusters and in most cases Building Codes require this measurement to be less than 4. Check your local Building Codes for your specific requirements. We recommend 3.875 (3 7/8) or less to insure that you are code compliant.