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Monthly Archives: July 2012

How to Evaluate Wood.


Evaluating Lumber
In an effort to provide our customers with the best tools available to educate and inform themselvves or their customers we thought it important discuss that upon which so much of the construction industry is based, wood. Any wood intended for use as building materials is called lumber and is generally milled into planks, boards, etc. Lumber is used throughout the construction process in limitless applications, from structural to protective, to decorative and beyond. However, the lack of detailed understanding of this perhaps most significant product of our industry, even by those claiming to be experts in this field, is amazing.  Often it seems that a current trend is the driving force behind the selection of a particular wood species and that few people, even professionals, ever consider why one may be better suited for some uses as opposed to others. There are many properties that one might contemplate when determining which of the multitude of wood species to use for a particular application. These factors include aesthetics, price, availability, size limitations, ecological impact, hardness, dimensional stability, function, etc. In order to best evaluate these considerations one must first have an understanding of this amazing and versatile medium in itself. the Leader in Stair Parts!! has a reputation for high quality materials.  Everything we offer is made in the USA and made of only the best materials.