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Solid or Veneered Stair Treads

A common question our customers often ask about stair treads is whether ours are solid or veneered.  WoodStair’s treads are solid glue-laminated as opposed to engineered or what many call veneered. Solid Stair Treads are several pieces of solid hardwood that are milled to thickness, straight lined, then glued together.  While it may be possible,… Read More »

How To Install a Floor Level Newel Post

Installing a Solid Newel Post on a floor level can be done several ways with several types of stair installation hardware.  Each makes the process relatively simple and easy for the do it yourselfer so don’t be intimitaded.  I’m going to assume that the posts have been cut to length, that their location has already… Read More »


Skirtboards are a category of aprons which are basically a type of stair moulding.  While Skirtboards are often used to describe all stair aprons, there is a better and simpler categorization that helps define the location of the apron on the stair or balustrade.  While the aprons on a particular staircase may be identical products,… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving from would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.  We are especially grateful to our many customers.  We hope that our stairs and railings have helped you to create a beautiful staircase and balustrade.  Your patronage is truly appreciated in these tough economic times.  We pride ourselves in being the leader in our industry.  We… Read More »

Handrail Fittings

A common question we recieve from our customers is how they connect two handrails where they meet at a change in direction or what the “Curly Q” at the start of the stair is called.  This in addition to a variety of questions about handrail fittings and what exactly they are.  Handrail fittings are those… Read More »

Staircase Design

Staircase design is a relatively simple concept especially if you don’t really put a lot of thought into it.  If do want to truly maximize the potential of this wonder architectural design space then you  will quickly realize that it may not be as simple as it seems.  As you dig a little deeper into… Read More »

Stair Installation Tools

There are a wide variety of stair installation tools, hardware and supplies that help to make the installation process more simple and efficient while yielding a higher quality final product.  While some of these tools are essentially required, many are used in specific situations or for a one time project may be worked around.  The… Read More »

Stair Installation of Tapered Wood Plugs

Installing a tapered plug is a simple procedure.  As is the case with most stair hardware a few trade secrets will help insure that your installation is flawless.  There are only a couple of ways to incorrectly install a plug; first you can have poorly selected color or grain that does not match the stair part. … Read More »

How to Layout Stair Balusters

The following are instructions for laying out stair balusters.  This is a relatively simple process that can often seem difficult if you haven’t done it before.  This post deals with the layout only, not the installation methods of the differing types of wood and iron spindles.  I’m also assuming that you have already determined the… Read More »

Vote Tomorrow!

When considering a topic for today’s post on stair parts, handrails, balusters, etc., I decided instead to alter from my area of expertise and discuss something that is relevant to all Americans, tomorrows’ Presidential Election.  In addition to being a Stair Specialist for, I am a proud, patriotic and grateful American.  I am far from… Read More »