Monthly Archives: February 2013

Stair Angles and Miters

Balustrade installation requires knowing the degree of the stair and how to use this angle to determine the other stair angles and miters you will need to cut balusters, handrails, and moldings.  There is basically one number that is a constant that is very simply used to determine all of the other angles on a… Read More »

Adding a Staircase to Your Deck

Decks are often a place of relaxation. They are also often the extension of the house to the garden or backyard. Therefore, they often have to have a staircase leading to the garden below. But many homeowners are afraid of installing deck staircases because they think that it requires too much work or is very… Read More »

Installing Plowed Handrail with Fillet and Square Top Balusters

Square Top Wood Balusters are generally installed using a fillet system.  Plowed handrail installation with fillet and square top wood balusters is a relatively easy method that makes assembly simple with a little skill and the right tools. Many Straight Handrails are available with a plow and fillet system.  A plow is basically a channel cut out… Read More »