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Adding a Staircase to Your Deck

Decks are often a place of relaxation. They are also often the extension of the house to the garden or backyard. Therefore, they often have to have a staircase leading to the garden below. But many homeowners are afraid of installing deck staircases because they think that it requires too much work or is very… Read More »

Solid or Veneered Stair Treads

A common question our customers often ask about stair treads is whether ours are solid or veneered.  WoodStair’s treads are solid glue-laminated as opposed to engineered or what many call veneered. Solid Stair Treads are several pieces of solid hardwood that are milled to thickness, straight lined, then glued together.  While it may be possible,… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving from would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.  We are especially grateful to our many customers.  We hope that our stairs and railings have helped you to create a beautiful staircase and balustrade.  Your patronage is truly appreciated in these tough economic times.  We pride ourselves in being the leader in our industry.  We… Read More »

Vote Tomorrow!

When considering a topic for today’s post on stair parts, handrails, balusters, etc., I decided instead to alter from my area of expertise and discuss something that is relevant to all Americans, tomorrows’ Presidential Election.  In addition to being a Stair Specialist for, I am a proud, patriotic and grateful American.  I am far from… Read More »

Black Walnut Stair Parts

Black Walnut is one of the most sought after domestic hardwoods in the United States.  It is highly prized for the deep rich brown color variations of its heartwood and the wealth of figures, from butts and burls to fiddleback, crotch, leaf, stripe, curly and more.  It has long been considered a premier domestic hardwood… Read More »

Cheap Stair Parts

What exactly are cheap stair parts? This is not as straightforward a question as it seems. Cheap can mean either the best value for identical products or an inexpensive alternative. This is a subtle distinction that can make all of the difference. So, let’s analyze these two virtually opposite ideas that are so often confused… Read More »

Wrought Iron Stair Railings

When you are trying to decide which type of railing you should secure your stairway with there are many different factors you should consider.  The first and most important factor is safety.  Stairs are used to get from one level of a building to the next level.  So there is always a potential for a… Read More »

Quality Stair Parts

Many people wonder if you can actually buy quality stair parts at a big box store. If you are only given the option of a yes or no answer the answer is no. The problem with big box stores is that they order a lot of their products in bulk from countries such as China.… Read More »