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Solid Gothic

Our Gothic Series wrought iron balusters are 9/16″ square with a hammered face. These balusters create a more bold and textured look. Because of their distinctive hammered texture they are not often used with other iron balusters, however they work very well in combination with our Wood Baluster Series, especially Craftsman. The texture gives these balusters a more authentic “wrought or forged” look and feel. Again, although they can be used with other wrought iron baluster series please note the difference in size and texture when arranging a pattern utilizing this series with others. Try experimenting with our StairBuilder to design your balustrade before you buy.

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Our Gothic Series iron balusters use 9/16″ Iron Baluster Shoes for ease of installation and to add a decorative detail to each baluster.  The most commonly used Baluster Shoes for this series are included at the bottom of the category but we offer others as well in Iron Baluster Accessories.  The balusters and shoes are available in several standard Powder Coat options. As always, we can always custom powder coat if you need us to.  The shoes are available in Aluminum and Iron variations.

  • For Custom Orders over $3000 call for pricing!