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Stair Parts Glossary of Terms

Stairs and banisters in general and stair parts specifically, compose a large assortment of terms that describe the many unique components used to create these elegant architectural features.  In order to make this blog more helpful, to better assist our customers in making informed decisions and as a general information resource, we’ve created a very… Read More »

Inspirational Stair Design

Stairs and balustrades are one of the key architectural features of any multilevel structure.  As such they have experienced a long historical evolution from basic function to the artistic diversity we know today.  Their styles and designs are as wide ranging as the spaces which contain them; from the historical authentic, neotraditionalism with its borrowed… Read More »

Balustrade Design

Balustrade design involves several steps that are narrowed down from concept to individual  components.  You may have an existing stair design from your house plans or that you intend to remodel.  From this basic shape the first consideration is they style of the space.  Balustrades are a very prominent feature in most architectural interior design. … Read More »

Wood, Stone and Wrought Iron Balustrades Throughout History hosts the largest collection of decorating and interior design ideas on the internet, including staircases and balustrades, kitchens, bathrooms and more. is a proud contributor to this great resource of architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement.  There is an article today on entitled “Lean on Me: Balustrades and… Read More »

Selecting the Correct Newel Post Types for your Balustrade

Wood Newel Posts are available in two main categories, each with virtually unlimited designs.  These categories are Turned Newel Posts and Box Newel Posts.  While there are countless designs there are also a couple of variations for each style, specific to their intended use.  These variations are most important with Turned Newel Posts and it… Read More »

Softwood versus Hardwood Stair Parts

The terms Hardwood and Softwood are inherently confusing because they do not define a precise line between “hard” and “soft” wood types.  While hardwoods are generally harder than softwoods, this is not always the case.  The distinction between the two types is actual a function of reproduction.  All trees producing seeds, but the type of… Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Remodel Your Stairs and Balustrade

10.  Potential homebuyers may be discouraged from buying your home because of outdated stairs.  Unfortunately for many home sellers they do not realize the importance of the staircase or balustrade in making that first impression of their homes interior.  In fact they may never realize what they lost in time and money because they didn’t… Read More »