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Things you should know – General Info

How to Calculate Rise and Run for Stairs

One of the first steps you must take when preparing to build a set of indoor or outdoor stairs is to calculate the rise and run for the stairs, so you will know exactly what length of stringer you will need to get started. Once you know the stringer, you can count the number of […]

Which Wood to Use for Stairs

Are you trying to find which wood to use for stairs? It can be a daunting task to wade your way through the best wood options available for wood stairs since there are literally dozens of types of woods that can be used for home construction projects. However, depending on where you live, what kind […]

Indoor Wood Stair Parts vs. Outdoor Stair Parts

When it comes to building or refinishing wood stairs, it is important to note that there is a big difference between how you build indoor wood stairs vs. outdoor wood stairs. You’ll want to consider the wood stair parts you will need to do the project – that includes the type of wood and how […]

Moulding or Molding? What is Molding?

When it comes to moulding or molding, there is not much difference in the meaning – aside from the spelling. A simple U doesn’t make too much of a difference in a word, but a slight change in spelling can indicate more about the history of that word and its origin in language. Moulding is […]

Ordering Your New Stairs

At, we understand that you have options when it comes to your new stair project. We appreciate your business. We are proud of our product, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you love your new stairs. The vocabulary in the stair industry may sound unfamiliar or confusing. There are […]

Old Stair Parts

If you have recently, or are soon going to, remodel your stairway or railing system you may want to consider what to do with the components you are replacing.  I hope you will decide to keep your old stair parts, which can serve a wide variety of good uses once you’ve decided to upgrade them […]

Balustrade Design

Balustrade design involves several steps that are narrowed down from concept to individual  components.  You may have an existing stair design from your house plans or that you intend to remodel.  From this basic shape the first consideration is they style of the space.  Balustrades are a very prominent feature in most architectural interior design.  […]

Softwood versus Hardwood Stair Parts

The terms Hardwood and Softwood are inherently confusing because they do not define a precise line between “hard” and “soft” wood types.  While hardwoods are generally harder than softwoods, this is not always the case.  The distinction between the two types is actual a function of reproduction.  All trees producing seeds, but the type of […]

Top 10 Reasons to Remodel Your Stairs and Balustrade

10.  Potential homebuyers may be discouraged from buying your home because of outdated stairs.  Unfortunately for many home sellers they do not realize the importance of the staircase or balustrade in making that first impression of their homes interior.  In fact they may never realize what they lost in time and money because they didn’t […]

Renovate Your Stairs Before Selling Your Home

Is it a good idea to renovate your stairs before selling your home? It goes without saying that if you’re selling your home; you want to get the best return on your investment.  This is why people renovate just before listing in order to best display their home and its assets.  There are numerous television […]

DIY Home Repair Projects That You Should Know

DIY Home repair projects are often being shunned by homeowners because they seem too difficult or too costly. But that is not always the case. There are home repair projects that you can do on your own. These simple projects will surely save you tons of money. They are very simple in most cases so […]

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