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With over 10 years of experience in online sales following more than 25 years in the stair and balustrade industry, has been long recognized the leader in our field. Founded as an installation company, we began manufacturing our own components very early on. Our roots as a stair and balustrade installation company gave us a huge advantage over our brick and mortar competitors and eventually their online counterparts who typically have little or no actual hands-on installation experience.

Our founders came from a construction and stair specific background which was an invaluable resource in the development and selection of our products and services. In only a few years time our value as a manufacturer and retailer of stair and balustrade components greatly outshined our localized influence as an installation company and our paradigm began to shift. We are now exclusively a manufacturer and retailer, with a strong background in installation.

Our website went online over a decade ago before the versatility of wrought iron components had been recognized, hence our name woodstairs. Since then we have continued to offer components in all available hardwood species, including the "standard" seven that we try to keep in stock. At, the word custom is somewhat of a misnomer and should not deter you. Simply because it is not an everyday item does not mean a component is extravagantly expensive or requires an unreasonable time frame, it simply means that we don't have it on the shelf. We offer an extensive range of wood stair and railing products, iron components, accessories, installation tools and hardware and design resources. We are also continuously updating our product line with new designs, services and resources.

Finally, we understand the value in employing professionals who are exactly that. Many of our Stair Professionals are not the typical salesmen you might expect to encounter, but have actual hands-on experience themselves. They understand both the manufacturing process and how our components should be installed and tricks of the trade as well.

Stairs and balustrades can be complex architectural systems that are be a little daunting, especially to the novice. It's been said that building a staircase is like putting together an intricate puzzle after you have made all of the pieces. We understand this complexity and find personal reward in helping our customers realize their dream designs and we can provide all of the pieces of this puzzle you require. So, remember we are always here to help and if you don't see it on our site, please don't hesitate to call. Very often we can often provide you exactly what you are looking for at the greatest value, the highest quality and unsurpassed service. As always we appreciate your business and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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