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Handrail Fittings

Wood Stair Handrail Fittings – Custom wood stair fittings for straight and bending handrails.

All parts available in profiles:  6010, 6210, 6900, 6A10, 6B10, 6400, 6519, 6601, 6701, 6109.

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Handrail Fittings are railing components that are precision machined to match our Straight Handrail and Bending Handrail profiles.  Transition handrail fittings are used to connect two handrails at different angles such as at a corner or between a stair and floor level handrail.  Termination handrail fittings are used to end the handrail such as Volutes or Turnouts.  In fact some handrail fittings can be used as Transition or Termination fittings such as Quarter Turn Fittings which can connect two handrails at a corner or terminate into a wall on a wall mounted rail.

Handrail fittings come in two types, level and eased.  Level fittings are basically “flat” fittings that change direction in the same plane.  The eased fittings are more 3-Dimensional fittings that allow the handrail to change direction up and down.  This may sound a little confusing but it is usually quite obvious which type of fitting is required for a specific situation.

Handrail Profiles6010, 6210, 6900, 6A10, 6B10, 6400, 6519, 6601, 6701, 6109
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