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Is it molding or moulding?  Well, the answer is yes, both are correct.  Molding is more commonly used in the US but not exclusively so we use them interchangeably to insure our customers can find what they are looking for and just to spice it up a little.  Anyway, as you  surely know  there are a wide variety of uses for mouldings when installing a stair or balustrade.  They add decorative touch and provide a finished detail to many parts of a stair and balustrade.  There are several types of mouldings that are made specifically for key areas of your stair.  These include Shoe Plates, Solid Treads and False Caps, and Skirtboards.  However they may also be used to create decorative panels for Skirtboards and Newel Posts or to add additional detail.  If you have any questions about our stair moldings and their possible uses give us a call.

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