False Tread and Riser Caps

False Tread and Riser Caps are used to give the appearance of Solid Treads with a carpet runner going up the center of the staircase but without the expense. There are a couple basic types of Tread and Riser Caps, Tread End Caps (or Open Tread Caps) and Tread Wall Caps (or Closed Tread Caps). Tread End Caps go on the open side of a stair typically where the balusters will be. Tread Wall Caps go on the closed side of the stairway against the wall. While usually False Tread Caps are used on both sides of a stairway to create the most convincing “Solid Stair Tread” look you can also choose to use only the Tread End Caps under the balusters and carpet to the wall. When considering your False Tread Caps there is one other aspect to consider. This is whether you want veneered caps or solid. There are pros and cons to each of these options, however as far as the durability and aesthetics, most customers definitely prefer the solid versions. But, that decision is yours to make so here I will just give you the pros and cons of each below.

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