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Wrought Iron Balusters offers a great selection of iron balusters. These balusters are also called spindles. So if you hear that your contractor is getting your balusters or spindles they are referring to the same part that goes into your staircase. We offer a wide range of solid and hollow wrought iron baluster styles and designs in several standard Powder Coat Colors. Look under any of our wrought iron products to see these finishes. Solid versions include more varieties and are slightly stronger while the hollow versions are less expensive and easier to cut to length onsite. Also check our complete line of wrought iron baluster accessories, baluster shoes, adhesives and iron baluster installation tools and hardware.
If none of the balusters on our site fit your needs feel free to contact us and we can usually make the design you are looking for. Use our exclusive StairBuilder to design your balustrade before you buy.

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There is not a more versatile stair part in defining the overall stylistic design of a balustrade than wrought iron balusters.  They are available in a huge number of individual designs that can then be combined with others in a series to create unlimited patterns and unique designs.  Their different textures, shapes and sizes allow them to be used across a wide and disparate array of styles including traditional, contemporary and craftsman balustrades.  In addition to the ready to install balusters with their inherent features such as scrolls, knuckles and baskets you can also use our baluster accessories to basically add to or build your own balusters. offers a huge selection of iron balusters and accessories in a variety of standard finishes.  However if you need something customized don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wrought iron balusters are not only versatile in design but in price range.  There are numerous factors to consider that can help save money when deciding which balusters to purchase.  First hollow balusters are dramatically less expensive than their solid counterparts and although the selection is not quite as vast there are still many design opportunities.  Next you might consider mixing some inexpensive balusters with the more ornate and expensive ones to not only reduce cost but draw your attention to the more ornate sections.  For example you might have a primary pattern of Scrolls or Butterflies, spaced with alternating Single and Double Twists.  This can help make the design less busy and nicely space the key ornamental details of the design.  Finally, while some iron balusters are more expensive than our wood alternatives, keep in mind that iron balusters come powder coated.  This prefinished product will save you stain and/or paint costs later on which more often than not makes up the difference in initial cost.

Remember the only limit to your design possibilities with iron balusters is your own imagination.  Search the internet, magazines or just use your own creativity to create your own unique system.  Don’t be afraid to mix different baluster designs or wood and iron together.  There is really no limit.

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