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Iron Baluster Accessories

We have a variety of wrought iron baluster accessories to meet your design and installation needs. These include adjustable knuckles for use with our Versatile, Twist, and Scroll Series balusters, Medallions for use with our Designer Series, Shoes for all wrought iron balusters and adhesive, tools and supplies for installation. Our Wrought Iron Balusters and Accessories come in a variety of available Powder Coat Options. We can also Powder Coat custom colors. Just let us know what you need.

Iron Balusters shoes are used to make installation quick and easy and add a decorative embellishment to the base of each spindle. Also, if you are considering remodeling your balustrade check out our Iron Pro baluster shoes that enable you to replace existing outdated wood balusters with wrought iron. They can also be used in new installations. If you have any questions matching up components don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-390-7245. There are a wide variety of accessories and it can sometimes be a little confusing to determine which is best for your particular situation.

  • For Custom Orders over $3000 call for pricing!