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Bending Form

Here is a complete line of our standard bending form but remember we can always get you exactly what you need if you don’t see it listed on our site. **** Remember when buying bender form that one piece is required for each side of the bender rail. So you must order twice the length of bender form as the rail you are bending.***

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Handrail  Bending Form is used to protect Bending Handrails during the actual bending process.  Bending form allows the handrail to be clamped to the bending forms without crushing the wood, it keeps the outer layers free of glue and helps to insure an even bend around the forms.  They are precisely machined to exactly fit the profile of a specific handrail.  Wood bending forms can typically be used for several bends of the same profile handrail and our PolyVinyl Bending Forms can be reused countless times.

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