Newel Posts

Newel Posts are the foundation and strength of your balustrade. They can be used to provide visual borders to baluster patterns or to blend in with the design. They comes in a variety of styles and materials and are also categorized according to the desired balustrade system. offers a wide variety of standard Turned and Box Newel Posts but these are a small sample of our capabilities. Contact us anytime for a free quote. We regularly turn and manufacture custom Newel Post profiles from all available wood species. We use only the finest hardwoods (no veneers) and manufacturing methods available. Learn more about Newel Post styles and uses below.

Balustrade Systems are broken into two categories that are used to determine the type of post that can be used.  These balustrade systems are Post-to-Post and Continuous.

Post-to-post systems are those in which the newel posts have a top block into which the handrails terminate.  These include many variations of Turned Newel Posts and virtually all Box Newel Posts. They are often topped with decorative finials such as balls, acorns, spheres, and so forth.

Continuous or Over-The-Post systems are those in which the handrail attaches to the top of the newel post and continuous uninterrupted.  Newel Posts used in Continuous Balustrade systems are generally Turned Newel Posts or Wrought Iron Newel Posts that correspond with their post-to-post counterparts with the exception that they are either dowel-topped, pin-topped or tapered to accommodate the handrail.  Handrail fittings are used to make transitions around corners and often include an expanded “bubble” that fits over the top of certain turned newel posts.  These types of handrail fittings are called Tandem or Capped fittings.

Finally there is the third option.  It is not unusual to have both continuous and post-to-post systems in a single balustrade utilizing the two associated types of newel posts. An example of this is a post-to-post system that terminates with a volute at the start of the stair.

Once you’ve decided which of the two balustrade systems you would like you can then determine which type of post you want.  There are basically two styles of post; these are Turned and Box Newel Posts.

Turned Newel Posts are solid wood posts that are turned or milled in unlimited design possibilities.  Most models are designed with variations that work in either Post-to-Post or Continuous sytems.  In addition most models include variations that will accommodate any situation, such as differing lengths, top block sizes, etc.  These top blocks include the standard smaller 5” to 6” top blocks, often called starting newels and larger top blocks of 10” to 13” which are often called landing or transition newels.  These transition newels allow for two handrails to attach to the top block at differing heights, such as at an intermediate landing on a stairway.  Finally Turned Newel Posts are also available in Pin Top, Dowel Top or Tapered Top to accommodate Continuous systems.  Turned newel posts are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, wood species.  In addition, turned Newel Posts are often available plain, fluted, twisted, beaded, and so forth.  Most Turned Newel Post designs have matching wood balusters that are regularly used together.

Box Newel Posts are hollow boxes that include caps, bases, panels, carvings, plant-ons, mouldings, inlays, and more.  All of our posts at are manufactured from solid wood (not veneers) in a wide variety of standard species.  Box Posts are available rectangular, tapered and WoodStairs.comm offers man Box Newels with Hidden Boxes.  Box Newels require a Post-to-Post system.  They are commanding by their very size and profile and are an excellent choice for many balustrades.

As far as design concept regarding newel posts, experiment with different sizes for different areas of a balustrade. For example, often the starting newel post or posts at the bottom of a stair are identical in profile but larger and designated Grand Newels.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with the Newel Posts and Baluster Patterns as well. With a little imagination and research you can design a balustrade that perfectly suits your space.

Also, don’t forget that we offer custom Turned Newel Posts, Table Legs, Cabinet Legs and Custom Box Newels.  As always we are always here to help.  Contact one of our stair specialists at 888-390-7245 or email us at