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Hollow Versatile’s Hollow Versatile Series wrought iron balusters are just that. Combine them with balusters in this or other Series. They work exceptionally well with Twist Series, Scroll Series, Ribbon Series, Designer Series, and wood combinations as well. Check them out in our StairDesigner to see them before you buy. You can also incorporate our Iron Baluster Knuckles to customize the individual balusters and patterns even further. The balusters in this series are 1/2″ square (meaning the bar at the top and bottom) and they have a 1/2″ doweled top for ease of installation into any of our wood handrails.

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Our Wrought Iron Balusters and Accessories come in a variety of available standard Powder Coat Options. We can also Powder Coat custom colors.  Another thing to consider is how you plan to install your balusters into your treads or landing shoe.  While it is possible to install iron balusters without Iron Baluster Shoes, the use of Shoes makes installation much easier and adds a decorative detail to each baluster.  You will see the most commonly used Baluster Shoes at the bottom of this category but we offer others as well in Iron Baluster Accessories, available in both Aluminum and Iron and powder coated to match your balusters.

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