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A rosette is an optional decorative wood stair part that is used when the end of a handrail terminates into a wall.  While they are more of an ornamental feature, the process of attaching a handrail to a wall is made easier through using them.  Click the following links to learn more about the different handrail installation processes involved in a handrail with rosettes or without rosettes.  If your balustrade is a traditional style, then rosettes will add additional piece of elegant detail.  However, if you prefer cleaner more contemporary or minamalistic lines you should probably consider attaching your handrail into the wall without the rosette.  If they fit your stylistic design then we offer wood rosettes in several standard wood types and can custom manufacture them in any available wood species, size or shape.

7026 Rosette
7026 - Round Rosette is made of solid wood and the dimension is 4-9/16" Round
7027 Rosette
7027 - Oval Rosette is made of solid lumber and the dimensions are 6-1/2;" x...
7027N Rosette
7027N - Narrow Oval Rosette dimensions are 6-1/2;" x 4" and is made of solid...

7033 Rosette
7033 - Rectangular Rosette is made of solid lumber and its dimensions are 6" x...
7126 Rosette
7126 - Round Dish Rosette is made of solid lumber and the dimension is 4-9/16"...
7127 Rosette
7127 - Oval Dish Rosette dimensions are 6-1/2;" x 4-7/16" and made of solid...