Stair Design

By | October 30, 2012

If you are considering a new stair design in your home but are on the fence here are a few examples of the dramatic difference this often simple renovation can make.  Whether you want to rejuvenate your living area for your continued enjoyment or add something extra to help sell or increase the sales price of your home, this is one area that can have a huge impact.  We are all aware of the importance of Curb Appeal when selling your home.  The entry serves the same function in your homes’ interior, giving the first and last impression from the front door.  In any home with a staircase in the entry it is obviously a central feature.  These before and after pictures dramatically illustrate the major improvements that can be made by renovating an outdated stairway and balustrade.  The extent of this type of renovation can be as simple or complex as necessary.  Sometimes just a paint job will do the trick, other times its easier to tear out the old and start from scratch.  Below you will see the addition of solid treads in place of old wornout carpet and the replacement of wood spindles with wrought iron balusters.

As I mentioned balustrade renovations can be as simple as refinishing the existing stair parts, though usually if the finish is bad the components have been damaged as well.  Replacing balusters is a relatively simple step.  Often outdated or worn wood balusters can be replaced by iron designs while keeping the other stair parts in the system intact as in both the above example and the following one.  Sometimes the change need not be from wood to iron but simply from a passé design to more modern wood balusters.

Replacing a kneewall with an open balustrade will have a dramatic visual impact in any room.  As you can see this change opens up and lightens the space and provides a beautiful architectural feature in place of a wall.  Many people do not realize that this is a relatively simple remodel.  Cutting down the kneewall takes a matter of minutes and with a little care very easily removed.  Then the installation of the balustrade becomes is like any other.The extent of the remodel is of course based on the situation.  In some cases the existing stair design requires a complete replacement of both the staircase itself and the balustrade.  Although this is less common it can sometimes be necessary to make that big impression you are trying to achieve.  The following example beautifully illustrates this situation and the value in going all out!Whatever your situation and whatever your reasons for renovating your stairs or balustrade the stair specialists at are always available to help.  While this may seem like a daunting project, we do it every day and are happy to help in any way.