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Brazilian Teak Wood Stair Parts

Brazilian Teak, aka Cumaru, is a durable hardwood that will fluoresce under a blacklight. It has beautiful wavy red to brown tones. Prized for being resistant to rot and warping, it is susceptible to insect attack.

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Known for its excellent durability and ability to weather various climates, Brazilian teak is a great option for anyone looking to utilize a type of that features medium to dark coloring with sometimes reddish hues to build a beautiful wood staircase.

Brazilian teak, also known as cumaru, offers a few select features that make it an ideal sought after choice for many woodworkers who are looking to complete a wood stairs project, whether it be indoor or outdoor.

According to Wikipedia, teak is a tropical hardwood tree species that is part of the flowering plant family Lamiaceae. It is a large deciduous tree that is found in mixed hardwood with a white flower and large paper leaves found on the lower surface of the tree. Brazilian Teak is native to South and Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. However, it is also naturalized and grown in other countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Fun fact about Brazilian teak: it has a fate vanilla and cinnamon like odor when it is being worked with for a wood project.

About our Brazilian Teak Wood Stair Parts

Unlike many types of wood used for stairs Brazilian teak is a great option for outdoor stairs projects. Some types of wood cannot hold up in various climates. However, cumaru is one of the better options to choose from when deciding on stairs intended for outside use.

Brazilian teak has an end grain that is porous. It is rot resistant although it is known for being susceptible to some insect attacks. Brazilian teak is also known to be difficult to work with because of its density and interlocked grain. The endgrain features a medium texture and a waxy feel. Keep in mind, the wood does contain silica and has a moderate blunting effect on tools particularly cutting tools. Commercial features of Cumaru include a high oil content and density, which can present difficulties with gluing. This may require preboring, which is a necessary step if you are planning to screw or nail the wood.

Brazilian Teak

Our most popular Brazilian Teak stair parts by category include:

Brazilian Teak Handrail – Available in bending or straight rails in all of our stair handrail profiles.

Cumaru Square / Round Balusters – Our square or round balusters are available in 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″.  These balusters (like pictured above) compliment Brazilian teak decking and stairs.

Brazilian Teak Craftsman Newels – The 4000 craftsman 3 1/2″ newel fits in perfectly with outdoor stairs and decking.

Wrought Iron Solid, Twist, or Basket Balusters – Add a combination of wrought iron balusters to your indoor or outdoor Brazilian Teak stairways for an original look.

Brazilian Teak Treads – For indoor or outdoor use.  Available on our website in 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60” lengths. Or we can custom make Cumaru stair treads to suit your needs.

For the best Brazilian Teak hand railing, stair fittings, treads, risers, stair balusters, and winder treads, check out our wood stair parts catalog

When choosing a wood for your upcoming wood stairs project, it is important to consider and factor pricing and availability. Fortunately, cumaru is an inexpensive type of wood as an import. It represents a great value for those woodworkers who are looking for something that is low cost and has great strength and hardness properties.

Many common uses for Brazilian teak include flooring, Furniture, construction, outside docks, stairs, and even railroad ties. Cumaru is beneficial for those projects because it is extremely hard, stiff, strong, which lends itself to a variety of uses. Check out our website to find the best deals on Brazilian Teak wood stair parts to add for your upcoming wood stair project.

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