Solid Mediterranean Mediterranean Series solid wrought iron balusters are 9/16″ square (meaning the bar at the top and bottom) with a hammered edge. They have a 9/16″ doweled top for ease of installation into any of our wood handrails. They are an excellent choice for authentic bold designs because of their heavily textured forged appearance. They are also commonly used in pattern combinations with wood balusters to create a wide range of unique designs. You can find detailed information about our wrought iron balusters designs and installation methods in our related articles. You can also use our StairBuilder to create patterns before you purchase your stair parts.

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When selecting your stair parts, you should also keep in mind how how you plan to install your balusters.  Iron Baluster Shoes is by far the easiest method of installation and adds a nice finished detail to each wrought iron baluster.   Several appropriate Baluster Shoes are shown at the bottom of this category and you can view others in our Iron Baluster Accessories category.  They are available in both Aluminum and Iron and are powder coated to match your balusters.  Also, don’t forget that while our balusters are available in several standard colors we are happy to powder coat custom colors if necessary.