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Cherry Wood Stair Parts

cherry wood sampleAmerican Cherry is one of the most beautiful hardwoods available. It’s heartwood ranges from rich red to reddish brown while the sapwood is creamy white. It has a smooth texture, fine, straight grain with narrow brown pith flecks and small dark sap pockets. It is widely held in fine furniture making circles that one does not stain Cherry. Cherry wood machines, nails, screws, glues, and stains well and polishes to an excellent finish. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 950, which is to say the wood is not as hard as red oak or not as soft as alder.

Cherry lumber is well known for its distinct fragrant characteristics. Cherry wood is one of the favorite hardwoods used for furniture, cabinetry, wood flooring, and wood stairs. Cherry wood has a natural color that is rich, but not too dark. Some people do not like the fact that cherry wood darkens over time (as it is exposed to light), and often has the characteristics of black pitch pockets and small in knots, while others like these same qualities found in cherry wood. Some Woodworkers complain that cherry wood tends to burn easily while being ripped, routed, and shaped.

Cherry wood naturally grows to produce a variety of grain patterns and characteristics, that gives customers a variety of cherry wood figures to choose from. Curly cherry is fairly common, provides the qualities of curly maple, and the hues of cherry. Quartersawn cherry wood is more subdued with a more subtle pattern that runs the width of the wood. Flatsawn cherry has pin knots and pitch pockets which adds a bit of dimension and texture, providing more character.

About our Cherry Stair Parts:

cherry wood janka scaleOur American cherry stair prices are just slightly lower than those of white oak and Brazilian Cherry and about the same as our Hard Maple. Our best quality inexpensive stair parts in American cherry wood are all made in the USA. Cherry wood stair systems and parts are more popular across the country. Our mill can get American cherry wood products the same day, or produce custom cherry wood stair parts within days.

<style=”font-size: 12pt;”>Our most popular American cherry stair parts by category include:

6010 Cherry Handrail – the most versatile handrail in the industry. SKU LJ-6010
6000 Cherry Handrail – a clean and contemporary look for modern design. SKU LJ-6000
4091 Cherry Box Newels – SKU – LJ-4091 – our most popular stair box newels.
5060 Cherry Balusters – square cherry wood balusters that go with the 6010 or 6000 handrail quite well. SKU LJ-5060 – very similar to the LJ-5360
Cherry Stair Treads – SKU LJ-8070 – ranging in size from 36″ to 60″ in all types of wood including American cherry wood.

cherry wood staircase



For the best stair treads, risers, winder treads, hand railings, and stair fittings, and in American cherry wood check out our wood stair parts catalog!


We offer everything from cherry baluster, cherry stair treads, and cherry wood handrails. American cherry wood is lower on the hardwood hardness scale, compared to so it may scratch or dent a little easier than some of the other hardwoods like can be more susceptible to scratches or dents in the wood. It has a nice reddish color and a clear coat will bring this out. American cherry wood is very recognizable among the different types of wood – if you want something more unique and different for your hardwood home needs, we’d recommend something like Brazilian Walnut. Whether you are looking for American cherry, or a Brazillian cherry hardwood stairs or cabinets, either would provide a nice wood look for a decent value.

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